Shareware Vs. Freeway

Shareware usually has a time period, limitation, but is for the purpose of allowing the END USER TO SAMPLE the software and then have the ability to purchase full rights after the TRIAL PERIOD is over.  TIME PERIOD is key.

Freeware, is another way of shareware, however, it has no strings attached, meaning, no requirement to purchase a full version.  However, it doesn’t mean that a FULL VERSION is unavailable.  It is very likely that the FREEWARE can be allowed to be used, but may be a “LIGHTER VERSION” of the actual version. 

Freeware is also another way to allow the END USER TO SAMPLE and then determine, if the END USER would UPGRADE TO A FULLER, MORE FEATURED VERSION.  – there are flexibilities here too, but generally, no TIME PERIOD like SHARWARE

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